What you'll learn:

Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of how to discipline your children? We are here to help.

  • How to develop an awareness of your child's heart.

  • Tools for long term peace in your home.

  • How to connect with your children in a deeper way.

  • How to discipline and empower your kids at the same time

What you'll receive:

  • Get re-charged

    Has your tank been running low? Do you feel like your battery needs to be re-charged? Plug in and get refreshing insights on how to discipline your children without running yourself empty.

  • Balance your life

    It's time for you and your children to both thrive. Take action and begin to receive tools necessary for this to happen.

  • Stop the yelling & arguing

    There is a better way of doing things and we want to show you how. Love and connection will earn you the responses and actions you are looking for in your children.

What this course includes:

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Laying the Foundation
    • Discipline vs. Punishment
  • 2
    Let's get started!
    • Discipline Addresses The Heart Punishment Addreses The Action
    • Discipline is Thought Out Punishment is Reactionary
    • Discipline is Freeing Punishment is Binding
    • Discipline is Love Based Punishment is Fear Based
    • Discipline Offers Choices Punishment Offers Control
  • 3
    Next Steps...
    • Before you go...