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  • Brandon & Caitlyn Doerksen

    Brandon & Caitlyn Doerksen

    When pregnant with our first child we soon realized that our culture was ill-equipped and pessimistic when it came to raising children. With little resources, and not enough help many parents are struggling to enjoy the beautiful process of raising kids. For this very reason we have given our hearts to creating resources for families to grow, learn, and get empowered to raise their kids with God’s heart. We want families to have practical tools and easy applications that will transform and reset their lives. It’s all about receiving God’s love, removing old mindsets, and releasing your children into their destinies.

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"Our son is already starting to not be defiant. I love showing him that we know who he is in a time of wrongdoing, and giving him choices to choose right or examine what he has done wrong. I've been able to get the end result without yelling, tears, or a fight. Its been a breath of fresh air!"